Our pioneering approach seamlessly integrates AxcynMAB™ advanced antibody discovery, AxcynCYS™ site-specific conjugation, and a proprietary payload, AxcynDOT™ with a different mechanism of action with the potential of overcoming drug resistance encountered with current ADC payloads like DM1, MMAE, and DXd.


Our versatile antibody discovery and engineering platforms leverage conventional technologies such as phage display as well as cutting-edge computational technologies to develop high performance antibodies for Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) development.
The platforms empower us to tailor ADC development for specific needs with diverse antibody formats, including classic IgGs, innovative VHH-Fcs, and versatile bi-specifics. IgGs provide robust targeting and established manufacturing, VHH-Fcs bring compact size and potentially higher tumor infiltration, while bi-specifics enable engaging two targets for enhanced efficacy.
AxcynCYS™ technology allows reproducible site-specific conjugation to achieve a highly homogeneous (>95%) ADC product (DAR value between 2 to 8), by introducing cysteine mutations at specific sites on the antibody.
The systematic combination of pairs of cysteine mutations identified the optimal combination for DAR4 product to reproducibly provide the highest HIC purity.


AxcynDOT™ is a proprietary payload developed based on the FDA-approved drug, Trabectedin. It is chemically modified by installing a linker handle, increasing potency across multiple cell-lines , and improving pharmacokinetic properties to the parent drug.